Vendors Terms And Conditions

All Festivals are produced by Tastes Festival LLC and presented by the various merchant associations and/or chambers of commerce. We allocate spaces based on when we accept your application and several other factors. People who apply early will have the best chance of receiving their chosen location and can receive an early bird discount. If your grill creates excessive smoke, you could be liable for any damage done to adjacent exhibitors or attendees. You must use compostable or recyclable products at all times.


Food vendors may not sell non-alcoholic beverages from their booth. Also, alcoholic beverages can not be sold out of your booth or on the festival grounds at anytime. Vendors caught selling any kind of beverages will be asked to close down and will be escorted by security.


We accept vendors until the lots are full. This is the application; it does not guarantee acceptance. You will be notified of your status within 1-7 business days of us receiving the completed application. We will reimburse your fees if you have not been accepted. Once accepted you will receive an acceptance letter or email, then 20-30 days prior to the event you will receive your participant packet with all your set up information providing we have received your insurance & completed permit applications.


We will not accept any applications without payment. We only accept online payments. When paying with a credit card, please note that there will be a service fee of 5% of the total cost. A separate $250 refundable cleaning deposit may be required for vendors that have not done business with us before.


If the withdraw is made 30 days or more prior to the first day of the event, you can receive a 50% refund on your space fee; if it is made 29 days or less from the first day of the event, no refunds are available as all funds are committed to the production, promotion, marketing & advertising of the Festival. Late application will follow the 29 day rule. All refund requests must be made in writing and received by our office via email. Please site reason for withdraw.


We provide technology; water and electricity only if necessary.


Space only, must include dimensions of truck. You will need to show us proof of permit to operate in the county or city where the event takes place. Otherwise you will need to pay for a special event health and fire inspection and permit.


Please fill out your top 2 menu choices; we allow 1 main menu choices and 1 side dish choices per event.


Due to safety reasons and professional appearance, we might restrict menu signage to 4ft high above the booth.


All food vendors participating in these events must have $1,000,000 liability insurance or purchase one. Upon acceptance to the Festival, you might be forwarded additional information regarding insurance requirements for the specific event. You will be required to name Tastes Festival, our clients, and the city and county where the Festival takes place as additional insured. We must receive your certificate of insurance 30 days prior to each event. In addition, all applicants must provide us with their current re-sale number.


Food Vendors: If accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter with your health & fire permit applications for this event. You must complete the applications and send them back to us immediately. Do not return any of the health and fire permits applications to them directly; they must all come back to us for processing. Failure to send those documents directly back to us will result in your application being delayed or forfeited and your deposit will be lost. If you are exempt from City fees, contact us and we will tell you how much your permit fees will be. The maximum size LPG tank that the Tastes Festival allows is 10 gallons.


Vendors are responsible to properly bag trash within their sales location. Our clean-up crew will collect ONLY properly bagged trash from your space.


Water may or may not be easily accessible – please inquire if you require water. You might be required to bring appropriate hoses, hose
connections, and transport buckets. Ice is available for purchase on the day of the festivals; cost is $12 for 20lbs.


Food vendors need to provide ground cover inside their booth and cooking area for the absorption of grease. No food vendor will be allowed to open for business if the accepted ground cover is not in place. No grease or gray water is to be poured onto the ground or down any drains, unless otherwise indicated by Tastes Festival Management. Anyone found doing this will be asked to close and will be escorted by security and their deposit will be forfeited. You will be responsible for any and all environmental cleanup costs and subject to prosecution by city or state officials. A CLEANING FEE OF $250 WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM YOUR LAST PAYMENT IF YOUR LOT IS NOT RETURNED IN THE SAME CONDITIONS YOU FOUND IT!